Case Study

Seeing the Light, with Eurolux and Extreme Eyewear


As part of its five-yearly revamp, Extreme Eyewear (situated at the Cape Town Waterfront) called in the help of Eurolux to design and install the newly updated store’s lighting. Known for providing fashion optometry to discerning clientele, Extreme Eyewear required a bright lighting solution that would display its products at its best to both in-store customers and those passing by.

The owner of the store, Justin Blecher, was clear as to what he required of the new design. “The design we had in mind saw the shop floor lit to enable in-store customers to easily browse the products, but we also required flattering light for those trying on the eyewear. We also wanted a more industrial look, but with a modern twist – creating the kind of inviting ambiance that would add warmth to the whole space.”

Deciding on the best products to provide the ambiance and task lighting Extreme Eyewear was after, the Eurolux team had to consider the fact that the store was already closed for renovations, making the instalment time critical. “Eurolux carries a number of ranges that would have been suitable for the Extreme Eyewear installation but we also had to adhere to a strict timeline, limiting our options to order additional stock. The reality was that the project had to be completed as soon as possible,” comments Shaun Bouchier, director at Eurolux. “Fortunately we are called in to execute urgent projects on a regular basis thus we ensure that our ranges are able to deliver the widest possible spectrum of lighting solutions.”

Having considered all the factors, the Eurolux team opted to use ELT LED strips for the eyewear cabinets displays. Bouchier says these lights are specifically designed for commercial installations and offer a five year warranty. Eurolux further installed highbay lights (PR367) to contend with, and maximize, the high ceilings of the shop. Both the LED strips and the highbays provide a 750 lux level with a 400K colour temperature, resulting in the optimal amount of light and a happy medium between white and yellow light.

In addition to the LED strips and the highbays, Eurolux also installed track lights (PR359) to illuminate the front and back of the mosaic of the store.

The entire installation makes use of top quality LED products, saving the store a considerable amount of money. “The store is lit up 24x7, given its prime location and naturally they required a solution that would minimize their costs and is environmentally friendly – we believed our LED solutions would deliver just that,” adds Bouchier. And Blecher agrees, saying the lighting design deliver on Extreme Eyewear’s requirements and more: “Eurolux are specialists in the field of lighting and they successfully translated into reality our concept of what the design should be.”

Within a few weeks Eurolux had completed the design and installed the lighting at Extreme Eyewear. “This is a store that caters to fashion conscious clients that want to select eyewear in a chic yet comfortable space. This means we had to enhance the store’s interior with slick minimalist lighting to ensure the right ambiance while not compromising the functionality required. And we had to deliver this solution quickly and efficiently. The result is a perfectly lit store that will impress their clients for years to come,” concludes Bouchier.

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