Contemporary Italian Elegance Captured in Light


Eurolux has added another top-end Italian range to its already impressive stable of professional luminaires. Ivela of Milan (View Range), Italy, produces beautiful and unique fixtures for a vast range of applications in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors. Their speciality however, is energy-saving LED luminaires. Working closely with top designers, Ivela produce truly striking light fittings, whilst ensuring that they comply with the latest energy saving guidelines.

As Eurolux director Shaun Bouchier says, “Ivela is dedicated to designing and manufacturing energy-efficient luminaires that reduce carbon footprints and deliver top functionality within its intended application, making these fixtures excellent for use in public and commercial settings”.

Eurolux is a distributor for Ivela in South Africa and as such carries a large range of their products – each beautiful to look at and simple to install. Like the Ivela Kyclos Power spotlight, which features a sleek design that can easily blend into the most minimalist of environments. The lamp’s control gear is concealed in the arm of the spotlight, providing a 350° rotation. The front part of the fitting is clear polycarbonate, whilst the painted rear creates a bright effect. The fact that the fitting has no visible screws adds to its appeal. The Kyclos Power fitting can be applied to any LKM 3-phase or DKM dimmable tracks, for ease of use and positioning.

All the fittings in the Kyclos range (Kyclos Family) are characterized by an innovative system of passive heat dissipation, making it suitable for applications that require illumination for extended periods of time. “The Kyclos uses highly efficient COB LED technology, ensuring durability and extended life, ideal for the retail environment - shops, showrooms and even museums,” says Bouchier.

The Kyclos Power offers a range of professional optics as accessories, allowing for different beam angles, plus the fixtures does not emit any harmful UV or IR rays.

Another striking Ivela product is the Minikyclos-KP (PR416) - a compact spotlight suited to LKM 3-phase and MM single phase electrified tracks. The product is specially designed for high efficiency COB LED sources and is available in different colour temperatures (3000K and 4000K), with supply voltage LED (230V) dimmable on the mains. “The MiniKyclos has a wonderfully compact design and the fixture can easily be tilted - this versatility make this spotlight the ideal solution for accent lighting in shops, showrooms, art galleries and even high-end homes,” explains Bouchier. The screen of the fitting is again made from clear thermoplastic material and back painted for a brighter and deeper effect, contrasting nicely with the embossed finishing of its die-cast aluminium body.

The Ivela Giada (PR417) wall luminaires are small but certainly pack a punch. It is the perfect partnership between miniaturization and high efficiency, suitable to a range of applications including contract projects. Its curved shape fits discreetly onto the wall, providing a pleasant and functional light diffusion. “The visible holes in the upper and lower parts of the fitting have been designed to emphasize the colour of the wall behind and to create luminous scenic effects,” explains Bouchier.

The Giada is available in a two-LED version for bi-directional indirect light, as well as a single LED version for indirect light only. Its wide light beam enables its use in a range of applications and it too has been developed to use the new COB LED sources, with high power in an innovative design, ensuring passive heat dissipation.

“The Ivela products are the result of constant research into functionality and design and we are proud to have such a top-end range available in our offering,” says Bouchier.

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