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The Fumagalli collection (Full Collection) of quality outdoor lighting products provides the ultimate ‘fix and forget’ solution to a host of lighting requirements. Eurolux is the sole local distributor of this modern range and they recently added a few noteworthy new models to their range.

Manufactured in a modern, state-of-the-art production facility in Varese, Northern Italy, Fumagalli lighting products are produced using only the highest quality raw materials and components, explains Shaun Bouchier, director at Eurolux. The specialised resin formulation, used in all their products, is self-coloured and UV stabilised. “This means that these fittings are virtually maintenance free and will not discolour or fade, even in the brightest sunlight,” confirms Bouchier.

The latest Fumagalli bulkheads, now available from Eurolux, include the Lucia (Lucia Family) and Maddi (Maddi Family) LED Bulkheads. The round Lucia is available with ring, eyelid and guard covers that are suitable for wall, ceiling and post installation. Its polycarbonate base is available, on request, in black, grey and white, which creates an elegant and customised ambience. The Lucia’s printed circuit board is fitted with 150 LED x 6 lm, ensuring uniform light distribution, and by adding the Remi Bracket the lamp can be angled at 35°.

The Maddi is an oval bulkhead, available with the same cover conversions as the Lucia and is also suitable for wall, ceiling and post installation. It is easily used in both public spaces and residential areas, both indoors and outdoors. The Maddi bulkhead can only be mounted vertically when used in conjunction with the Remi bracket and provides a lifetime of 30 000 hours.

“In the Lucia and Maddi ranges the eyelid cover is particularly popular, as the top half of the lamp is covered so the light is reflected down onto the ground and glare is reduced,” adds Bouchier.

Also included in the new Fumagalli range are the Danzi (Danzi Range) and Gelmi LED bulkheads (Gelmi Range), available in either a standard white or black finish with an opaque lens. The Gelmi can be used both indoors and outdoors and is suitable for wall and ceiling mounting. The product has a protection rating of IP66 and is also available with an E27 CFL lamp. The oval Danzi offers similar features and functionality to the Gelmi, with ring, eyelid and grid cover conversions also available on request.

Bouchier explains that the Fumagalli range of bulkheads is designed to be tough enough to withstand dust, water and the constant onslaught of the sun. “Because of their durable design and impressive lighting ability, you’ll often find these bulkheads in underground car parks, on outside walls, inside warehouses and large commercial buildings. They are also ideally suited for use in coastal and harsh environmental conditions”

The Extraleti 100 (Extaleti Range) surface fitting is supplied as standard with a long-life and efficient TUV approved GX53 LED lamp (3W-350lm). Available in four different cover options, allowing for a diffused or downwards directed light emission, this fixture is available in a cool or warm white option. It further has a black finish with an opaque lens.

“The LED technology used in this product ensures that this is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option, that can easily be upgraded and its built-in LED lamp makes for quick and easy lamp replacement,” explains Bouchier.

The Stucchi bulkhead (Stucchi Range) is also manufactured from the same shockproof resin material as the rest of the Fumagalli range, offering UV-ray stabilisation, while being rust and corrosion-free. The product has a coloured backlit version available and is versatile, allowing for wall and ceiling installation. The Stucchi can be fitted both indoors and outdoors, has a daylight and motion sensor with a detection angle between 30 - 150 degrees and an adjustable field of detection of up to 5M.

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