The Basics for Choosing a Chandelier


The Basics for Choosing a Chandelier that Will Make the Right Statement

Whether the objective is to set the ambience, create a focal point in a room, or to impress a guest upon entering the foyer, the chandelier is the one light fixture that adds an element of style to any room. Traditionally, the chandeliers for sale featured a classic look and appeal.  However, the modern-day chandeliers for sale are designed to complement anything from contemporary to classically styled homes.

With the ever-expanding range of designs available, you have several factors to consider in choosing the most suitable fixture. You need to consider the size, dimming options, materials, light source, and more. To help make the choice easier, here are some guidelines for choosing the right light fixtures from our range of chandeliers for sale.

Of course, style is the number one factor to consider, but apart from such, the size, light output direction, and output control are the three main considerations.



As stunning as the overall style of the chandelier can be, if it is disproportionate to its surroundings, it will look completely out of place. If it is too tall for the particular room, especially with a low or standard-height ceiling, expect the space to feel cramped and overwhelmed. Likewise, if it is too small, it may create the impression that you compromised on size for the sake of your budget. Instead of it becoming a statement, it becomes a dwarf on the ceiling.

To choose the right diameter, measure the room’s width in metres and add the room’s length in metres. Multiply the sum by ten, and you will get the chandelier’s diameter in centimetres. For the correct height, take the room’s height in centimetres and divide it by four to get the chandelier’s height in centimetres.


Avoid Glare

Your guests still want to see their food at the dinner table and be able to have conversations. They cannot do so if the light fixture causes too much glare. As such, consider the direction of the light output. If the light bulbs are exposed, you can expect more glare. In this instance, make sure that you can add a dimmer or buy one of the chandeliers for sale that has concealed light bulbs.



The style should be relevant to the overall interior design of the house. If it is modern, select one of the nickel, stainless steel, or chrome finished chandeliers for sale. Also, consider the lines. With modern designs, you will find sleek and smooth lines. If the interior design leans towards the classical style, then you will want a more detailed chandelier with a bronze or similar finish.

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