LED Light Bulbs


5 Convincing Reasons to Switch to LED Light Bulbs

If you have not yet replaced all the incandescent and fluorescent lights in your home with LED technology, then it is time to do so, because you can save on energy costs and do your part in minimising the carbon footprint on the environment. If you want more concrete information, then read on to discover the true advantages of LED light bulbs.


  1. Energy Efficient

LED light bulbs are 80-90% more energy efficient than conventional light bulbs, and only give off 5% wasted heat. With this technology, 95% of the energy is effectively converted into light energy, whereas conventional lights convert only a small part of the energy into light, and most of it into heat. With the effective conversion of energy into light, LED technology uses less power. This means huge savings on your monthly electricity bill, which is definitely something to consider if you operate a guesthouse, hotel, or lodge.


  1. Long Lifespan

Having to constantly replace light bulbs can be frustrating. LED light bulbs are the solution. The diodes have an operational life expectancy of more than 90 000 hours. Even if you keep the light on for a minimum of eight hours daily, you can expect the bulb to provide light for more than 15 years. LED lights are built to last with features such as a high resistance to vibration and a good impact resistance. With such features, the LED light bulbs are well suited for indoor and outdoor placement.


  1. Environmentally Friendly

The LED light bulbs don’t have any harmful toxic chemicals. You therefore don’t have to be concerned about mercury leaking into the environment upon disposal of a broken light. With LEDs being 100% recyclable, and having an exceptional life expectancy, the overall carbon footprint of having light is considerably reduced. Fluorescent strip lights contain mercury and contaminate the surroundings upon breakage. When these lights end up in landfills, the environment gets another beating. As such, special regulations are in place for the disposal of mercury-filled light bulbs, which is expensive and as such, switching to LED reduces the cost of waste management.


  1. Compact in Size

Technological advances have made it possible to manufacture an array of compact LED light bulbs. With such, it is now possible to add light in difficult-to-reach places for ambience and/or to highlight items.


  1. Superb Light Direction and Distribution

The technology makes it possible to achieve excellent light direction and distribution control. You thus get the light to emit in the direction chosen, instead of areas where there is no light required. With this, you thus need fewer LEDs to illuminate spaces effectively with the same level of brightness as when going the traditional route of incandescent technology.

If you want to save on energy costs, reduce your environmental footprint, limit the need to replace light bulbs, gain more directional control, and want technology that enables illumination in difficult-to-reach spots, then it is time to switch to LED light bulbs.

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