Outdoor Lights Are So Much More Than a Security Feature


Following the discovery of fire, primitive man soon learned to make use of combustible materials to defeat the darkness of night and to ward off the unwelcome attentions of hungry nocturnal predators. Although their prime purpose may have changed over the centuries, the use of outdoor lights has persisted, and only their design and the methods used to generate their luminous energy have changed. The evolution from rushes soaked in animal fat to wax candles and, eventually, to the use of coal and gas for both domestic and street lighting was a lengthy one, and only with the advent of mains electricity did artificial illumination make the virtual transformation of night into day possible.


In South Africa, today, it is no longer the wildlife that poses a threat to the homeowner when darkness falls, but the activities of criminals. As a consequence, one of the most common applications for outdoor lights is as a means with which to augment other security precautions, such as intruder alarms and electric fences. Available in a huge range of designs, some models can, for instance, be recessed into the walls, and fitted around the entire house and garden walls if desired. On the other hand, where ambience may be more of a concern, what better way to combine security with style than to line a driveway with a row of traditional, pole-mounted lanterns?


Maybe your taste is not for the traditional, but for something more modern. If that should be the case, there is an extensive range of outdoor lights in sleek new shapes and wrought from modern materials, such as polished or brushed stainless steel, that could be the answer to an architect’s prayer.


Incandescent tungsten filament globes that radiate most of the energy they consume in the form of heat would seem to be destined to become museum pieces. They are steadily being replaced by more energy-efficient halogen incandescents, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), and the ubiquitous light emitting diodes that are now to be found in everything from children’s flashing takkies and toys, to flat-screen TVs.


Catering for the needs of both the traditional homeowner and those with a preference for designs of a more contemporary nature, Eurolux is a South African lighting specialist on a mission to promote the more efficient use of energy. An innovator of 25 years standing, our company offers a vast and varied world-class range of indoor and outdoor lights to suit all tastes.