Case Study

Lighting Up the River Club


The River Club is one of Cape Town’s most celebrated golf and conference venues. As such, its external lighting is critical to the club’s comfort and appeal. When the lead designer of Shaw & Becker Interiors, Pam Shaw, approached Eurolux to assist in the design and installation of additional exterior lighting, Eurolux selected to partner with lighting design specialists Blair Hammond & Associates to make the project a reality. The end result is a sustainable lighting design that delivers the aesthetics and security the River Club required.

The club wanted to see selected building features illuminated such as the main entrance, while the practice putting green and chipping green also needed additional lighting. “Being a golf and conference venue, these greens are often used at night so it required sufficient lighting with just the right lumens to enhance and not hinder visibility,” explains Daniel Hammond, lighting designer at Blair Hammond & Associates. “Due to the amount of entertaining that takes place on and around the deck after sunset, the River Club also asked us to illuminate the deck.”


Two lighting designs were completed and presented to the client, with the owners, architect and interior designers all weighing in on the final selection. Hammond explains that the first design included high specification products, such as Eurolux’s F5157 ALT 92 Watt floodlights. This also turned out to be the design the client opted for. “We believe in presenting our clients with options. In the lifecycle analyses report we provide them with the initial lamp costs, fitting and component replacement costs according to the lamp/fittings lifespan, as well as the eventual return on investment of each of the options, enabling them to see where and when it would be best to spend the money.”

The lifecycle analysis conducted by Blair Hammond & Associates shows that the first lighting design will have a total cost of ownership of R635 275.97, over a period of 15 years. The second lighting design, on the other hand, will have a total cost of ownership of R772 798.90 over a 15 year period. However, the first design will have an initial procurement cost of R151 072.18, while the second design only requires R87 595.28. “But to see these initial procurement costs in perspective you also have to consider the relamping cost, which in the case of the first design came to R35 760.43, while the second design came in at R84 099.53. The first design would also only require 157 222.30 kWh over a 15 year period, while the second would demand 211 843.21 kWh,” highlights Hammond. “By not investing in the best product upfront, they would inevitably be spending more money in maintenance, replacement and electricity costs eventually. But it is up to them to decide, which option works best for them.”

The River Club however selected the first design which featured the highest specification products.


A range of Eurolux products were used to create the right light levels and ambiance around the club, including some Aeon Lighting Technology (ALT) products – of which Eurolux is the sole local importers. The ALT ES157 92W floodlight was used to illuminate the entrance, surrounding parking areas, as well as the putting and chipping greens. “The River Club required powerful, bright lighting in robust designs in these areas, which is exactly what the FS157 ALT 92W floodlight gives them,” says Shaun Bouchier, director at Eurolux. He adds that effective heat dissipation, colour stability and a long lifespan made the Eurolux FS154 25W ALT LED floodlights the perfect choice to create focus points around the building.


Hammond adds that sustainability is an important objective in all their designs. “In the case of LED products, clients are looking for products that live up to its claimed lifespan and those backed by a good product warranty. Aeon Lighting Technology products have a 3 year warranty, and in many cases a 5 year warranty, which is also backed by an international US $2 million product liability insurance cover. In addition to this Eurolux offers their own product liability insurance cover which is valued at R100 million. Such guarantees help to reassure customers and add confidence in the product, which are important factors in such a large scale installation such as the River Club.”

The project was recently completed and Pam Shaw, lead designer at Shaw & Becker Interiors says: “Working with the Eurolux team results in the correct lighting being installed and all products actually delivering the promised functionality.”

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