Eurolux's Commitment to Community Development


Investing in the wellbeing and empowerment of the community is a key focus area for Eurolux. As such, the company is committed to contributing resources to various projects that support those in need.

Over the years the company’s efforts and involvement has been led by specific needs with a bias towards education and healthcare. Eurolux’s brand mantra “lighting your way” becomes a suitable maxim for their social initiatives, as they endeavour to light the way – sometimes literally – for those marginalised by the mainstream economy.

Eurolux’s community initiatives focus on the following development areas:

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Animal rescue
  • Substance abuse
  • Community upliftment

The company is particularly proud of the way staff enthusiastically and selflessly get involved in these initiatives, often contributing their personal time and resources to the projects Eurolux support.