A Watchful Eye at Night



Up your lighting game and implement additional home security by investing in lighting solutions that are not only practical, but offer peace of mind too. When it comes to keeping your home secure, Eurolux has several options available.

The NightWatcher Robotic Security range includes two different security lights, each combining innovative technology with sophisticated lighting design. NightWatcher was originally designed in South Africa and offers enhanced, robotic motion-sensing lighting. Each light in the range features different technological functions enabling you to select one that is most suitable for your needs and budget.

The Robotic NightWatcher 700 comes with a built-in colour camera that captures 20 second video files of triggered activations, all stored on a removable SD card. It also has a built-in speaker and microphone which is great pre-recorded warning messages that are activated when triggered. (FS71)

Then there’s the Robotic NightWatcher Pro WiFi. This top of the range LED security light is made up of 1 x 16W AC LED power chip. As with the other lights in the range, it has a robotic head function that auto rotates the LED head towards any of the three motion sensor zones on detection of activity. What sets it apart from the other models, though, is its colour camera with WiFi connectivity for in-home or remote monitoring. It also has a 2GB card that records up to 500 events. (FS70)

If you’re looking for a more simplified lighting solution then consider day/night sensor bulbs, which are great for both practical and security reasons. They have built in sensors that automatically detect nightfall and daylight. If you’re out during the day and come home at night, these lights are ideal for lighting your front door area and hallway so that you don’t fumble around in the dark while trying to unlock and enter your home. From a security perspective, these automatic lights give the illusion of activity inside the home and therefor may serve as a deterrent for intruders. There are two different types of day/night bulbs available at Eurolux. Both are 6W LED and have a lamp life of 15 000 hours. The only difference is their base types – one is E27 (G651ES) and the other is B22 (G651BC).

Lutec’s range of solar wall lights is a cost effective option that delivers automated lighting when you need it most. These lights are great for illuminating the perimeter of your home, as well as your garden and require no wiring. They turn on automatically at dusk, but do come with an on/off switch if you wish to control the light manually. The Mini LED Spot solar wall light (O458) has an adjustable solar panel and spot head, and has 3 dimmable settings. The Ghost solar wall light (O461) comes equipped with built-in motion sensors to detect activity at night. The Sunshine solar wall light (O462) operates between dusk and dawn and has a PIR sensor of up to 15 metres and a 150° detection zone.