Winter Lighting


As the days get shorter and the temperature starts to dip, you may be looking for ways to transform your home from a breezy summer abode to a cozy winter den. When the nesting season is upon us we often switch out our summer linen for winter sheets, invest in chunky throws for the sofa and layer up the rugs. But when it comes to keeping the heat in, have you considered your lighting?

A few key swaps and easy additions to your home lighting are great for creating warmth during the cold months and setting a cosy ambience. Here are a few of our top tips for getting your home lighting winter-ready…

Dimmer Switches

If you don’t already have dimmer switches installed then now’s the time to seriously consider them. Being able to adjust the strength of light in a room means that it can go from bright and functional to cosy and ambient in seconds. Dimmable lights are one of the easiest ways to add visual warmth to a room in winter. Eurolux has a range of dimmers and switches to match your needs (CO150, CO179, CO50, CO49)

Warm White Bulbs

While cool lighting is great for summer months, warmer bulbs are better suited for winter. Warmer lights relate to our natural circadian rhythm and help us relax and wind down, which is nice for winter when we seek comfort at home. A warm, white bulb (G958, G928, G720) in the living room or bedroom will make all the difference this winter.

Table Lamps

Table lamps are great for creating a layered look and providing soft light in cosy corners. Play around with different combinations and shades for an interesting effect. Creams and whites are generally used for summer, while in winter richer, darker colours help achieve a look appropriate for the season. Designs to look out for this season are the Hallstat table lamp with opal glass (T545), the Athens table lamp (T540), the Pasteri table lamp which is available in a variety of colours (T537), the Borgillio table lamp (T148) and the Contempo metal desk lamp (T148).


Copper lighting is right on-trend and is perfect for updating the look and feel of a space as the season transitions. Nothing says ‘winter’ quite like a warm, orange glow and this metal-of-the-moment provides just that. If you’re wanting in on the trend then consider pendant lighting such as the Nottingham pendant (P932), the Larissa pendant (P855C), or the Seville pendant (P924C).

Bathroom Heaters

While this suggestion may seem rather indulgent, you won’t look back once it’s installed. Consider a three-in-one unit (C86 and C85) that offers light, heat, and an extractor fan. This streamlined, space-saving solution requires only one installation point and is perfect for small bathrooms. Installing a bathroom heater does involve a longer process than simply swapping out a light bulb, but you’ll be thankful you did it when your bathroom is toasty and comfortable during the colder months.

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