Security Lighting


Security Lighting

Consider entrance and exits points to not only your house, but your entire property. Ensure that lighting is installed on all sides of your home. Consider placement - the higher up the lighting is installed, the larger the surface area of illumination. Establish a maintenance routine for lighting inside and outside your home. Replace burnt out bulbs immediately to ensure that all your bases are covered at all times. Security lighting in and around your home not only acts as a deterrent for intruders, but also allows you clear visibility of anyone who may be trying to access your property. Added lighting can also help with identifying any perpetrators who are caught on camera.

To identify dark spots that could provide easy access points for criminals, walk around your home at night with a flashlight to determine how much illumination is needed at key access points like the front entrance, windows, side doors and back door.

For outdoor security, a flood light like the NightWatcher is ideal as it comes with features like motion sensors and cameras. LED bollards, Day/Night LED bulbs and garden spikes are great for lighting pathways leading up to your home. In terms of wall lights, Lutec’s range of solar wall lights work well to illuminate the perimeter of your home with no wiring necessary.

Inside the home, day/night sensor bulbs are perfect deterrents if you’re going to be away from home for an extended period of time. They have built in sensors that automatically detect nightfall and daylight, so your home will be illuminated inside even if you’re not there.