Introducing the Uber-Cool Carbon Filament Lamp


There is no denying that Carbon Filament lamps are the latest hip-happening in the decorative lighting world. Whether in trendy hangouts, tapping into the popular Victorian industrial look, or elegant rooms seeking to enhance the ambience, these lamps have become a staple for restaurant and retail designers - as well as discerning home owners - looking to utilise its warm hue.

Eurolux now stocks these Carbon Filament lamps in a variety of shapes and filament designs - and looking at these, it is obvious just why they are proving so popular. “Today’s Carbon Filament lamps offer a rich warm hue that creates a unique ambience in homes, restaurants, hotels and even retail outlets,” explains Shaun Bouchier, director at Eurolux. “The exposed globes with their glowing, yet low light output, filaments can also be a central design feature within any room.”

The Carbon Filaments lamps currently available from Eurolux come in 40W and 60W options (both of which are dimmable) and in a variety of shapes and sizes. These come standard with E27 bases but two models are available with a B22 base. The products typically have a 3000 hour lamp life, which is somewhat shorter than some other modern lamps on the market. But as Bouchier points out, there really is no substitute for the beautiful lighting effect they produce, hence their growing popularity. “These lamps are not really intended to be used as the sole light source within a room and it can easily be used with a dimmer, reducing its electricity usage,” adds Bouchier. (View Range)

The Eurolux range of Carbon Filament lamp shapes includes the pear, tubular, candle and Maxi-Globe. However, that is not where the options end. These lamps also come in a variety of filament designs, such as the squirrel cage, hair clip, strand and zig-zag options.

There is certainly no need to hide this globe under a great big lampshade – either use it without one so that it’s entirely visible, or pair it with a shade that will allow the filament effect to be seen. As Bouchier points out, these lamps look best in any exposed light socket such as chandeliers, sconces or socket pendants. He adds that more and more, modern lighting fixtures are being designed to showcase these vintage wonders.

All of Eurolux’s Carbon Filament lamps offer a colour temperature of 2700K, a voltage of 230V and range in lumens from 160 to 280.

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