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Eurolux LED Turns Night into Day


Eurolux has boosted its comprehensive range of lighting solutions with the introduction of its latest day/night LED lamps. (View Range) Eurolux CFL day and night lamp has been around for the last 10 years and this new addition to the range takes it to the next level. This long-life LED lamp (G651BC, G651ES) is a must-have for the environmentally conscious home owner that wants functional light when it is dark. There is no need for a separate day night sensor as it is a plug and play solution. Ideally suited to lighting up pathways, gate posts and to provide perimeter lighting.

This new Eurolux LED lamp is available in a 6W and 10W and available in a cool white colour, which is ideal for outdoor illumination. It has the same swivel base as its CFL counterpart and is available in both E27 (screwed) and B22 (bayonet) end connection. The LED lamp automatically switches on at dusk and then off again at sunrise – a truly economical, no-fuss lighting solution.

The day/night functionality is enabled by an integral photocell that registers the brilliance of the ambient light and activates when light levels reach the pre-set level. However brief changes in light levels caused by clouds, car lights, lightning etc. will not activate the LED, since it is programed to continuously check for false light levels and will not be activated by these.

The 300°swivel base ensures optimum functionality, as Shaun Bouchier, director at Eurolux explains: “Lamp holders differ from fitting to fitting, which means that you might find that once you’ve fitted the LED lamp into your particular fitting, the light sensor now points towards the reflector, the wall or something else that may block the light and might result in a faulty light reading. This LED allows you to reposition the sensor once installed, which enables the lamp to function as intended.”

This day/night LED offers up to a 30,000 hour life span, compared to its CFL counterpart that only provides 6000 hours. “The benefits of a longer lamp life are obvious; this is further boosted by the electricity savings associated with LEDs,” says Bouchier. “This lamp can provide users with electricity savings of up to 80%. It truly is an environmentally friendly product that offers users the greatest possible return on investment.”

At up to 800 lumens, it is a bright light that will easily illuminate spaces and the A-Shape lamp design is unobtrusively familiar.

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