Different Types of Landscape Lighting


During the day, our gardens and outdoor areas are basked in natural light, but when the sun sets and darkness descends we turn to other sources of light to illuminate these spaces. Landscape lighting is not just for practical reasons, though. Well considered lighting in your garden can drastically alter its appearance and is an investment worth making.

Selecting landscape lighting can seem like a daunting task at first, so it's best to start out by identifying the areas you want illuminated and the reason why. You may want to light up a garden path so that people can traverse it safely in the dark without stumbling over rocks or sharp-edged plants. Or perhaps you have a beautiful oak tree in your garden and you want it to take centre stage in the evening. Whatever your reason, doing a bit of research can certainly help when implementing the project. If you're considering landscape lighting for your home or place of business and don't know where to start, the following information will help guide you. Path Lighting

Lighting up the pathways and walkways in your garden is a must for safety reasons. A gently lit pathway leading up to your house or around your garden is far easier to navigate and beats stumbling around in the dark and risking injury. It's also great for security purposes as a well-lit garden helps act as a deterrent for burglars. Lights along your garden path also serve an aesthetic function as they create a gentle ambience for entertaining outdoors and serve to highlight low-level plants that may otherwise go unnoticed. 

Recommended from Eurolux - The solar stainless-steel tulip light. Available in chrome and with an opal plastic lens, this handy addition to the garden comes in a pack of 12 and requires no wiring. The lights turn on automatically when it goes dark. 


Outdoor lanterns can be placed in multiple areas throughout your garden and outdoor living space as a decorative accent and to create ambience. The gentle illumination offered by lantern-style lighting is a nice touch for garden paths and walkways. For the patio, deck or pool areas, lanterns mounted on nearby walls work best and help create a cosy atmosphere for alfresco dining or sundowners. 

Recommended from Eurolux - Eurolux stocks a variety of lamp post lanterns in black, white and satin chrome finishes. These look great when placed at the entrance of a home or along a garden path. Lanterns for walled areas include the six-panel bevelled glass lantern which is made from die cast aluminium and is available in black, white and Verde green. Another option is the half lantern which sits flush against the wall. It's also made from die cast aluminium and is available in black, white, black-gold and Verde green.

Flood Lights 

Floodlights are broad-beamed and high-intensity. In a security capacity, they're great for illuminating large areas and dark corners of your garden. Aesthetically, they serve to highlight your home's best features, whether it be impressive architecture, a beautiful tree or a fountain.

Recommended from Eurolux - For security purposes, the 11W COB motion tracking light is ideal. It's made from die cast aluminium and comes with a built-in HD camera. 


Lighting certain objects in your garden from the ground up creates interesting shadows and shapes. Architectural columns, garden features and even trees, can benefit from having a fixture placed at their base with the beam pointed upwards towards the surface item. 

Recommended from Eurolux - The plastic spike GU10 and plastic spike MR16 come in packs of 20 and are made from polycarbonate. These handy outdoor lights are simple to place on the lawn and in flowerbeds, and create atmospheric lighting around the garden.