Eurolux Luminaire Catalogue 2021

ICONS & CLASS i | Electrical Class refers to the type of insulation a light fitting requires. Class 0 appliances have no protective-earth connection and feature only a single level of insulation and were intended for use in dry areas. In most countries, the sale of Class 0 mains-voltage appliances is prohibited today, as a single fault could cause an electric shock or fire. The International Electro Technical Commission is in the process of removing provisions for Class 0 devices from its standards. It can be expected that the Class 0 concept will eventually disappear from the international market, in favour of Class 2 devices. Insulation requires that the metal body and other exposed metal parts of the device is connected to earth via a“grounding”wire (usually yellow/green) which is earthed at the main service panel; but only basic insulation of the conductors is needed. This equipment is easily identified by a third pin on the power plug for the grounding connection. CLASS 1 Insulation means that the device is double insulated. This is used on some appliances such as electric shavers, hair dryers and portable power tools. Double insulation requires that the devices have both basic and supplementary insulation, each of which is sufficient to prevent electric shock. All internal electrically energised components are totally enclosed within an insulated body that prevents any contact with“live”parts and hence does not require a safety connection to electrical earth. In the EU, double insulated appliances are all marked with a symbol of two squares, one inside the other. CLASS 2 Appliance is designed to be supplied from a SELV (Separated or Safety Extra-Low Voltage) power source. The voltage from a SELV supply is low enough that under normal conditions a person can safely come into contact with it without risk of electrical shock. The extra safety features built into Class 1 and Class 2 appliances are therefore not required. For medical devices compliance with Class 3 is not considered sufficient protection. CLASS 3 BOX QUANTITY ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS CHOICE SOLAR POWERED PRODUCTS ROUND CUT-OUT SQUARE CUT-OUT WARRANTY TOUCH SWITCH Tuneable Colour Temperature TUNEABLE COLOUR TEMPERATURE C a b i n e t L i g h t i n g CABINET LIGHTING COLOUR changing COLOUR CHANGING DC motor FAN DC MOTOR FAN EGLO CONNECT INSECT KILLER R e c h a r g e a b l e RECHARGEABLE USB USB U n d e r c o u n t e r l i g h t i n g UNDERCOUNTER LIGHTING LED ( Light Emitting Diode) WIRELESS CHARGING W i r e l e s s C h a r g i n g