Eurolux Luminaire Catalogue 2021

Eurolux - LIGHTING YOUR WAY Across South Africa and much of Sub-Saharan Africa, the Eurolux brand has become synonymous with quality lighting at affordable pricing. Our comprehensive product range provides lighting solutions to most sectors and is equally popular in homes, offices, retail spaces, manufacturing and hospitality environments across the continent. From the outset, our aim has been to source, import and distribute products that both satisfies our customers’ needs and complies with the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) quality and safety requirements. Finding such products remains our constant quest and we regularly attend some of the world’s biggest lighting fairs in order to keep abreast of the latest international trends and designs. Eurolux acts as the exclusive distributor for several outstanding manufacturers from Europe and the Far East, whilst continuing to increase our support base of local manufacturers. Our project lighting offering has continued on a steady growth curve, with successful supply into numerous commercial, retail, manufacturing, hospitality and sporting applications. These products provide the quality, durability and functionality that lighting specialists and consumers have come to expect from Eurolux. Apart from selling and distributing products to specialised lighting stores, electrical wholesalers, project lighting specialists and numerous chain stores throughout South Africa, our export into neighbouring countries and across sub-Saharan Africa continues to expand exponentially. This catalogue is the result of our search for lighting solutions tailored to suit both our customers’needs and the environment, providing you with a comprehensive overview of the Eurolux product range. We have also acknowledged the need for ‘greener’ products that encompass energy saving light sources, especially those using LED and Solar technology – please look out for the Energy Conscious Choice and Solar Powered Icons, which specifically highlights these products. For those who would prefer a more interactive and personalised experience, we invite you to visit one of our unique lifestyle showrooms in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban, or simply log onto our website: to view our full complement of cutting edge lighting innovations. Be spoiled for choice: enter into the gateway of our wonderful world of lighting. Thank you for partnering with Eurolux to create a unique lighting experience. The Eurolux Team