Eurolux Luminaire Catalogue 2021

How long will the light stay on? Small spaces are easily illuminated by low wattage For larger spaces one should consider high wattage Size of the Space Cool White (LED) has the appearance of being brighter than WarmWhite (Halogen), thus Cool White is the natural selection for outdoor use. Cool White is best suited for security and broad general illumination. WarmWhite is best suited for areas of social interaction and general occupation. Nature of the Space Note: Note: All night = CFL or LED Sensor light switch = Halogen or LED Security or General Illumination Sensor lights are usually used for security purposes to alert you of an intruder, or in places of temporary occupation. washing lawns, trees, pathways and recreational spaces. Do you need a sensor? Time 30 000hrs R4 950 R1 350 Replacement cost Initial cost Cost REPLACEMENTGUIDE Become more energy efficient SECURITY LIGHT Lamp Type SAVER 150W 20W Wattage Lamp Life How do they compare? 2000 hours 30 000 hours 150W 20W 1236lm 8lm/W Light Output lm/W Warm White Cool White Colour Temperature R4 500 R600 Cost over 30 000 hours * *CostcalculatedatR1.00p/kW.Thecostcalculatedover30000hoursexcludes lamp replacementcosts Average brightness at 10m 1609lm 80lm Energy Saving 80 % 150W 2000 hours 30 000 hours 20W 7 Lumens 7 Lumens J78 J118 48W - 100W 80W - 500W 5W 10W