Eurolux Luminaire Catalogue 2021

TABLE LAMPS 424 | LAMPTYPE: Excluding1xE27max60W230V : 20 : 6 FAMILY: Campodino FITTING COLOUR: MAPLE:9002759978921 SWITCH: InlineSwitch T578 HEIGHT: 500mm DIAMETER: 160mm FITTING MATERIAL: Wood SHADE: Beige Fabric PRIMARYVOLTAGE: 220V - 240V (50/60Hz) 500mm 160mm 290mm 115mm LAMPTYPE: Including1x18W IntegratedRGBLED : 20 : 6 FAMILY: Torvisco FITTING COLOUR: SATINCHROME:9002759978136 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Dimmable EgloConnectRemoteAvailable (CO341) SWITCH: InlineRockerSwitch LAMP SPECIFICATION: Power:18W Lumens:2300lm ColourTemperature:2700K -6500K+RGB Lifetime:25000Hours T570 HEIGHT: 115mm DIAMETER: 290mm FITTING MATERIAL: Steel SHADE: Opal Plastic PRIMARYVOLTAGE: 220V - 240V ~ 50Hz Bluetoothdeviceon the fitting.Fitting isconnectable withsmartphones.Max distance toconnect is estimatedat5-10meters. ExcludesRemote. Installapp onphone (awoX) tocontrol the light&colourchangingof thefitting. LAMPTYPE: Excluding1xE27max60W230V : 20 : 9 FAMILY: Rondo FITTING COLOUR: SATINCHROME:9002759852641 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: MatchingPendants:P198,P199,P200 MatchingCeiling:C421 SWITCH: InlineRockerSwitch T445 HEIGHT: 200mm DIAMETER: 200mm FITTING MATERIAL: Plastic SHADE: Opal Glass PRIMARYVOLTAGE: 220V - 240V (50/60Hz) 200mm 200mm