Eurolux Luminaire Catalogue 2021

With LEDs and CFLs, you can now choose between WarmWhite or Cool White. WarmWhite is best suited for living spaces, recreational spaces and bedrooms. All Eurolux Candle options are available in WarmWhite only, which is ideal for use in chandeliers and wall lights. Colour Temperature The importance of lamp life is realising the cost of replacing the lamp. Halogen lamps normally last around 2000 hours, whilst LED lamps can last up to 30 000 hours. This means that you have to replace 15 Halogen lamps for only 1 LED lamp! Lifetime Based on early candelabras, candle shaped lamps are the aesthetic choice for modern day chandeliers. For this application the ability for these candles to dim is essential. There are now a variety of dimmable LED and Halogen options available to consumers to set the perfect ambiance in your living space. Dimmability The performance/e cacy of a lamp is measured by lumens per watt. Ensure you buy bulbs with the most lumens per watt. For example: Lumens andWattage REPLACEMENTGUIDE Become more energy efficient CANDLE 28W Halogen produces 370 lumens = 13lm/W 4W Warm LED produces 340 lumens = 85lm/W = 28W = 13lm/W 4W = 85lm/W Lamp Type Incandescent SAVER N/A 40W Standard Candle Flame Candle 28W 4W 40W & 60W 28W & 42W 3W & 4W 3W 6W E14 E27 B15 B22 E14 E27 B15 B22 E14 E27 B15 B22 E14 E27 B15 B22 E14 E27 B22 DIMMABLE DIMMABLE