Eurolux Luminaire Catalogue 2021

Wattage Lamp Life How do they compare? 2000 hours 30 000 hours 50W 7W 340lm Warm White: Cool White: 7lm/W Dimmable 38° Dimmable 40° Light Output 470lm 561lm Warm White: Cool White: 67lm/W 80lm/W Efficacy Dimmability Beam Angle lm/W Warm White Warm & Cool White Colour Temperature R1 500 R210 Cost over 30 000 hours * XX° With LEDs and CFLs, you can now choose between WarmWhite or Cool White. WarmWhite is best suited for living spaces, recreational spaces and bedrooms. Cool White is best suited in kitchens, bathrooms, workshops and for outdoor use. Colour Temperature The importance of lamp life is realising the cost of replacing the lamp. Halogen lamps normally last around 2000 hours, whilst LED lamps can last up to 30 000 hours. This means that you have to replace 15 Halogen lamps for only 1 LED lamp! Lifetime 50W Halogen produces 340 lumens = 7lm/W 7W Warm LED produces 470 lumens = 67lm/W Tight beam angles (30° - 40°) provide strong pockets of light. Wider beam angles (90° - 120°) o er a wider, more evenly spread light, however, a wider angle will dilute the light intensity. Beam Angle The performance/e cacy of a lamp is measured by lumens per watt. Ensure you buy bulbs with the most lumens per watt. For example: Lumens andWattage Light spill Light spill Beam angle = Cool White Time 30 000hrs R1 800 R410 Replacement cost Initial cost 50W 2000 hours Cost 30 000 hours 7W Energy Saving 80 % No.ofLED’s TotalSavings * 1 R1 390.00 R2 780.00 2 R6 950.00 5 R13 900.00 10 Total energy savings when switching to LED Average brightness at 3m ceiling height 54-71 Lumens 40° 37 Lumens 38° 50W *CostcalculatedatR1.00p/kW.Thecostcalculatedover30000hoursexcludes lamp replacementcosts 50W = 7lm/W 7W = 67lm/W REPLACEMENTGUIDE Become more energy efficient DO NLIGHT M 7W WarmWhite