Floodlights and Security Lights for Outdoor Use

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Floodlights and security lights are perfect for outdoor use and each have their own unique purpose.

Floodlighting reclaims outdoor areas for night-time use: from your back garden to building facades, sports fields and spectacular natural features, they provide effective illumination after sunset. Whereas, sensory security or occupation sensor lighting is primarily used for security, lighting up when someone steps near the sensor.


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How to Choose the Perfect Floodlight or Security Light:

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When deciding between a floodlight and security light consider the following:


1. Purpose of the light


  • Security: Sensor security lighting is the perfect lighting solution for driveways, back gates and garages, lighting up when someone is in the vicinity. The standard settings typically ensure that only people will be detected, whilst pets will not trigger the light unnecessarily. The effectiveness of this lighting option is the element of surprise - both alerting property owners of an intruder on the property and warning potential intruders.


  • Safety:Floodlights with a day/night sensor will be activated at night by the motion sensor  to illuminate walkways when your guests arrive or leave, and to make sure that they don’t stumble over toys or pebbles. These floodlights are also useful in construction sites, storage yards, and open spaces on farms or reserves, lighting up when someone drives or walks past the sensor at night, and thereby making you confident that the area is safe.


  • Aesthetic: Floodlights are most often used for illuminating and bringing out the beauty of outdoor entertainment areas with garden features such as fountains and trees. These floodlights are usually only on for a few hours at night and when equipped with a timer they will automatically turn on and off at set times. A whole range of colours are available with potential light sources to make your outdoor area shine. Warm white is a more familiar colour, whilst cool white gives the impression of providing a brighter light for a stark modern look. Green is also commonly used by landscapers to bring out the beauty of a garden.


2. Size of area


  • Small: A lower wattage floodlight (10 - 20 watts for a LED or under 85  watts for a CFL) should provide adequate lumens in small areas of illumination.


  • Large: A higher wattage floodlight (20 - 145 watts for an LED or 150 - 1500 watts for a Halogen) would likely be needed for adequate lumens in large areas of illumination. High Intensity Discharge (HID) floodlights are also useful in spacious areas and are available in options ranging from 35 watts to 400 watts.


3. Use in coastal areas


  • When using floodlights at the coast, one should use either aluminium-coated fittings or low heat CFL floodlights to avoid rust, degradation and damage from the sea air. IP Rating denotes a fitting’s resistance to moisture and foreign objects. The higher the rating, the higher the resistance.


4. Traffic volume


  • Low Traffic: Low traffic residential areas should consider security lighting with PIR (Passive Infrared) motion sensors that turn on the lights automatically when people are nearby.


  • High Traffic: High traffic commercial properties such as restaurants and malls or residential homes can use all night flood lights. These lights will also assist security guards and residents to ensure the property is well lit and safe.


5. Cost and energy efficiency


  • It is especially important to choose energy efficient lighting if your light is on all night. LED is currently the most energy efficient light source and also has by far the best life expectancy. For example, a 20W LED floodlight is 7.5 times more efficient than a 150W linear halogen bulb and lasts 15x longer. The only consideration is that the lamp’s upfront cost is higher than that of other light sources.


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Selecting the right floodlights and security lights will illuminate your garden for people to appreciate its aesthetic appeal at night, and help you to protect your premises and save on your electricity bill. Browse our catalogue above to view the many lighting options available.