Effective Ceiling Fans

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Ceiling fans come in a variety of designs, colours, sizes, and motor speeds. With a bit of knowledge and a little imagination you can choose a ceiling fan that effectively cools and adds a touch of class or contemporary style to your room.

If you want some help, either read our "how to guide" below the catalogue or contact one of our lighting experts to discuss your needs.

How to Choose the Right Ceiling Fan

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What the size of your room is

  • Speed is largely determined by the motor wattage, so this is an important consideration when choosing a fan. For more effective cooling for larger or hotter areas, choose a fan offering a high motor wattage (between 40 and 80 watts).


  • The length and pitch of the blade will also be a consideration in determining the fan’s effectiveness. Discuss your particular needs with your nearest Eurolux supplier.


What colours and added options you would like

  • Ensure your fan matches your home or office décor. Eurolux colour combinations for blades include clear, black, white, silver, blue, natural wood and cherry wood. Select models have reversible blades offering two colour options.


  • Choose a remote or cord controlled fan - you can also upgrade to a remote control at a later stage because it only requires a small adjustment to the fitting


  • Choose from a variety of base options such as brass, black, white, satin chrome and chrome.


If you require a light

We have several options that come with or without a light – for ceiling fans with lights you can choose between a fan with a central light or more flexible spotlight options.


Who will install your ceiling fan

  • A certified electrician should install your ceiling fan – they are experienced enough to balance the ceiling fan properly which is essential.


  • A certified electrician should additionally issue a compliance certificate to you for warranty and insurance purposes.


  • A ceiling fan needs to be installed with at least 2m between the blades and the ground to prevent accidents.


Did you know? Fans are not only useful in summer - reversible blade models can pull warm air pooled at the top of the ceiling back into the room for heating. As a general rule, they are also cheaper to run than air conditioners because they employ a simple design that speeds up your biological cooling process by circulating air. Air conditioners, on the other hand, require more electricity to operate.


Choosing the Right Ceiling Fan for your Business

Ceiling fans for an industrial property or heavy duty use are designed for function over form. Their aerodynamic design makes them more powerful but they also produce more noise. Feel free to discuss our range of options with your supplier to find a solution that suits you.


Fans that Ventilate and Clear the Air

Extractor fans are another option that functions to remove humidity, fumes or odours from a room. For this reason, they work well in kitchens, bathrooms or garages. We also stock a range of extractors that include a light, making them ideal for a kitchen or bathroom.


Get Your Perfect Fan from Eurolux

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