Chandeliers for a Traditional or Modern Look

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A beautiful chandelier is the best way to create a stunning centrepiece in any room. It is a relatively effortless way to bring an air of grace and sophistication in your home or office premises while illuminating your space.


Technically, a chandelier is a radial hanging light that is suspended by a cable, cord or a chain. Chandeliers are distinct from pendant lighting because all chandeliers are radial whilst pendants refer to all other hanging lights.


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Classic and Modern Chandeliers

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Modern chandeliers have evolved from the traditional candelabra while still keeping their timeless elegance and classic beauty. Developments in materials and lighting technologies mean that chandelier design has advanced in creative potential while still offering a range of timeless choices:


Designs: Eurolux offers a myriad of classic and modern design options to suit different lifestyles. Choose anything from our modern glass tube design to our classic design where even the bulbs are shaped like flames and the lamp holders mimic dripping wax. Chandeliers can be plain or sport a fabric or glass shade. Crystals adorn both classic and modern designs for a touch of class. Other options include the chrome resin-cast Medusa, the shiny gold Flemish style and our inside-out barrel shaped chandeliers.


Materials and Colours: We use a wide range of quality materials and decorative colours. Some material options include crystal (glass or real Egyptian crystal), hard PVC, wrought iron, resin, fabric, steel, glass (coloured or plain), steel and crystal combinations. Colour options are led by the materials used and range from black and white to transparent or metallic.


Light Sources: The candle-shaped lamp that is used in most chandeliers is available in all lights source technologies, including the energy saving LED bulbs.


Installing a Chandelier


When installing a chandelier, you need to consider its height from the ceiling. The lowest point of a chandelier should be no lower than 2.1m to allow people to walk underneath it. If the chandelier is above a table, counter or a centre piece then the height level can be relaxed. Many chandeliers have adjustable cord lengths to ensure that they can fit into a range of spaces.


Chandeliers are heavy lights and as such are difficult to install in high places. They should always be installed by a professional electrician who will also ensure that your warranty remains in place.


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