Finding the Perfect Ceiling Mounted Light

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A standard ceiling light is mounted flush with the ceiling and is distinct from a pendant or chandelier because it is not a hanging light. It also tends to be more affordable than a hanging light and offers more understated designs whilst still coming in a range of aesthetically pleasing options. Ceiling lights are popular in lounges and bedrooms because they offer an even distribution of light that creates a relaxing atmosphere.


Eurolux offers a broad range of ceiling light designs in various sizes, materials and colours. Simply request a quote or contact your nearest Eurolux lighting supplier to purchase one of the lighting options below.

Considerations before Visiting your Lighting Supplier

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  1. What design would you like? Options include chrome, crystal, frosted (sandblasted glass), opal (painted glass) and alabaster in simple designs or with beautiful detail.  You can also choose between different sizes (large, medium or small) or shapes (round or square).

  2. Do you have a hard ceiling or soft ceiling boards? Hard ceilings limit the power points provided whereas soft ceiling boards allow flexibility for lighting installation.

  3. What light source should you use? You can use most light sources in a ceiling light. Read here for the various options available with their respective merits.

  4. Is your room large or small? For a larger area, use a lamp with a high lumen output or use multiple ceiling lights in a room for more effective illumination.

  5. Will your ceiling light be exposed to moisture? IP Rating becomes important in kitchens and bathrooms where it could be exposed to water; in this case ensure that the second digit in the IP rating is 3 or above.

  6. Do you require a multi-purpose light? If so you may want to consider a product from a different category.One of our most versatile ceiling lights functions as alight, extractor and heater, the ideal top of the range option for your bathroom. View it here. You can also choose a ceiling fan with a central light to both cool and illuminate your room.


Eurolux provides a wide range of ceiling light options to meet our clients’ diverse lighting needs - feel free to request a quote now.