Pendant Lights Transform your Space

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When you start looking at pendant lights you realise how spoilt for choice you are. Pendant lights lend themselves to creative and stylish designs and work well in entrance halls, entertainment areas, master suites, guest rooms and children’s rooms. The options are so diverse, ranging from classic to modern and quirky designs, that you’re sure to find the perfect complement to your room.


The best way to start looking at the range of awe-inspiring options is to browse through the catalogue and then get a quote.

Pendant Lights work in Homes and Offices

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Pendant lights are distinct from chandeliers because they aren’t radial but in terms of design they can be just as grand and versatile. They work very well in areas with high ceilings, such as passages, stairwells and Art Deco, Cape Dutch or Victorian houses, because you can adjust or extend the cords to bring the light closer to the user. You can also group several pendant lights together with great effect when using them in larger areas.


With the arrival of the open plan office and a greater emphasis on the importance of a pleasant working environment, pendant lights can work well in an office, or indeed library, to provide a welcoming work area and provide functional task lighting where it is required.


Trendy Pendants for any Tastes


Designs: A pendant is essentially a hanging light, either a single light or row of lights, which lends itself to both classic and unique designs. Eurolux has a broad range of shapes including barrel-shaped, cascading, shaded, linear, spiral, highbay, single and lantern pendants (for outdoors) on offer.


Materials: Eurolux uses a wide range of materials and colours. Some material options include glass (coloured, plain or frosted), crystal (including Egyptian), pearl, chrome, silk, resin or mixed materials. Colour options are equally diverse and there are even colour changing LED options.


If used to their best advantage, pendant lights can give a dull room an instant makeover. Which pendant light you go for will depend largely on your existing décor and your preferences, allowing you to express your creative side.